About the Policy and Action Toolkit

This toolkit highlights successful and promising strategies that support faster adoption of zero and near-zero commercial vehicles. These strategies include policies, regulations, incentives, infrastructure, and investments. The toolkit will provide a compendium of these actions, where they are being used, case studies of their successes, and a matrix that allows for comparison between strategies. Because vehicle innovations are not static and stakeholders are constantly exploring new ways to promote zero-emission commercial vehicle adoption, this toolkit will be a regularly updated “living document.” Indeed, we welcome suggestions and additions from our global stakeholders on actions they are aware of which have been effective.

A living, regularly updated portfolio of the key policies, actions and investments governments and industry can take to spur faster near- and zero-emission commercial vehicle deployment.

Thank you for exploring the initial launch version of the Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero “Policies and Actions Toolkit!” The examples that are listed at this time are by no means comprehensive – the toolkit is a living document that will be updated regularly, and we look forward to adding additional examples in the coming months and years as we expand our research and new projects are launched. We will also be working with our growing signatory network to learn more and share their efforts through this toolkit. If there is anything that we missed, please let us know: e-mail info@globaldrivetozero.org with any questions or suggestions.

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